Luke Herbert is an art educator at Fort Lupton Middle School in Fort Lupton, Colorado. He is currently in his ninth year and has been using a choice based curriculum for the last three years. Luke attended the University of Northern Colorado for his under and graduate degrees where is majored in Art Education.

He is passionate about finding innovative methods for teaching art that inspire both teacher and student. The method of Choice-Based Research was developed over two years of reach that combine many different approaches to teaching choice-based art education. Luke is committed to providing students with opportunities to be self-sufficient, innovative, and expressive.

In 2016, Luke was published in the Colorado Art Education Association’s fall publication of Collage (https://issuu.com/caeaco/docs/fall-collage-2016-10.10.16_ver4) outlining his research, implemention, and reflections surrounding his experience with choice-based curricula.

Luke strives to expand the conversation regarding art education in any form. Reach out to herb8264@gmail.com to connect!