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2019 Colorado TAB Conference

The new year brings perhaps my busiest month on the year. With observations and presentations on the horizon, I’m reminded of a quote from the great Cornellius Bowls: You gotta Grind to Shine! He would yell this quote as we wrapped burritos and lathered them in green chili on a busy Friday night at Palomino Mexican Restaurant.

With this post I wanted to highlight the 2019 Colorado Tab Conference. The conference is the great opportunity to connect and learn about the various approaches to TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) and other resources for teaching Choice-Based Art Education. The Tab conference is great for anyone who is curious about TAB, just starting TAB, or have years of experience. Here’s a link to the official website

I will be presenting my current “research” I’ve been conducting throughout this school year. In a nutshell, I am examining the impact of student led projects compared to teacher inspired projects. Thus, I am gathering images and drawing conclusions from the past few months. My presentation is geared for secondary teachers but I’m sure there are nuggets that elementary teachers would benefit from.

If you are not in the state or the country, I believe that Colorado Tab Inc. will be streaming the keynote speakers. But I would be willing to share my powerpoint to anyone that request it regardless of your attendance.

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