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Are you interested in choice-based art education? TAB? Or project-based learning? Then, this is the place for you! The purpose of my this blog is to share my past and future art room adventures using my style of choice-based art education. I firmly believe that any choice-based form of art education has the potential to change the future of art world.

A brief background about myself, this is my ninth year teaching middle school and my third year using a choice-based curriculum. For the first few years, I taught in the traditional matter. See teacher, mimic teacher. Sure, there was some choice built in but mostly students were following my steps. I spent hours and hours planning lessons, adapting lesson to standards, and finding resources.

I went to my first TAB conference three years ago. I left inspired and motivated to upgrade my classroom. I began to invest time and resources into researching the best choice-based practices that would fit my philosophy and demographics. After three years I finally feel confident that I’ve worked out most the bugs out. However, there’s always tweaks that can be made.    

Recently, I’ve been working towards creating my own comic book, it’s been bucket list thing since I was a kid. I hope to reveal it some day soon.

I hope other educators can learn and grow from my mistakes and advice. The greatest part about choice-based art education is that there is no one formula. What works for me, may not work for you. I see my art room as a piece of art in itself that is ever growing and evolving. That’s exciting! In the past, I only cared about the product that left the door, now it’s what’s inside my door that motivates me to come to work everyday.

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