The Annual Art Show

The annual art show, what a fun opportunity to show the community what’s been accomplished throughout the year. In our small district we host two elementary schools, one k-8 charter, a middle and a high school art programs. So there’s lots of families with students from various grade level. It’s fun to catch up with old students who are in high school and meet incoming 5th graders. I think it’s safe to assume that most art educators love the art show night minus the public speaking. Famous teacher quote, “I can speak in front of kids, but I hate speaking in front of adults”. Deep breathes. Remember you’re the art teacher and you’re awesome!

Excepically as a choice-based teacher, it is important to advocate for your programs. Make a display outlining the prior steps of the journey students take while completing their artwork. I made a simple display showing the important steps of a student’s artwork. I hope that some parents will see that art is more than just the final project students bring home.

CRB Chart at Art Show

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